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NV Clean Energy Fund Secures $156MM Federal Solar for All Grant

Reno, NV – The Nevada Clean Energy Fund (NCEF) is thrilled to announce that the nonprofit was selected for a $156 million federal Solar for All grant. Solar for All is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. This landmark funding represents a significant achievement in NCEF’s ongoing efforts to drive clean energy accessibility and sustainability across Nevada, especially for low-income and historically underserved communities. 

NCEF’s Solar for All initiative will fund solar installations on homes, affordable multifamily housing, and community solar projects. NCEF also plans to use funds to provide targeted education, technical assistance, and workforce development opportunities for rural, urban, Tribal, and persistent poverty communities across Nevada. 

“This historic funding will make solar energy accessible to those who need it most,” said Kirsten Stasio, CEO of NCEF. “These programs will break down chronic financial and market barriers that prevent Nevada’s low-income communities from accessing solar energy and reducing their energy burdens.”  

This achievement is the latest and largest addition to NCEF’s growing track record of securing federal funding to support clean energy initiatives in the state. Earlier this year, NCEF led a successful application that brought in a $7.7 million federal grant to deploy 25 electric school buses across Nevada. NCEF is also partnering with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy to administer two programs: $1 million in Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan funds for small and medium-sized disadvantaged businesses, and $1.8 million in Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant funds to help residents and local governments make cost-saving energy upgrades. Together, these initiatives will create jobs, lower utility bills, improve air quality, and help Nevadans better manage the impacts of extreme heat. 

NCEF’s Solar for All proposal attracted widespread support, underscored by endorsements from over 70 entities across the state, reflecting a united front in the pursuit of advancing clean energy. This collaborative effort highlights the critical role of partnerships in achieving Nevada’s clean energy goals. 

“Today we’re delivering on President Biden’s promise that no community is left behind by investing $7 billion in solar energy projects for over 900,000 households in low-income and disadvantaged communities,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “The selectees will advance solar energy initiatives across the country, creating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, saving $8 billion in energy costs for families, delivering cleaner air, and combating climate change.” 

“Nevada is leading the nation in solar energy, and this grant will make it easier for all communities to take part in our clean energy future,” said Senator Cortez Masto. “I’ll continue to work to support programs that invest in solar projects, establish partnerships, and create good-paying jobs while lowering energy costs for Nevada families.” 

“This funding will help ensure all Nevadans have access to affordable, accessible and reliable solar energy,” said Dwayne McClinton, Director of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy and member of NCEF’s Board of Directors. “We were proud to support the Nevada Clean Energy Fund’s application for these funds and look forward to working together to bring these funds to Nevada’s communities.” 

“This funding will empower Nevada’s Tribes to advance energy sovereignty goals and provide job opportunities for Tribal citizens,” said Daphne Hooper, Director of Indigenous Relations at the University of Nevada Reno. “I applaud how the Nevada Clean Energy Fund is centering the needs of Tribal communities in its clean energy initiatives, including Solar for All.” 

“As we celebrate Earth Week, I’m thrilled to see this major investment to expand clean energy access for lower-income Nevada families,” said Assemblyman Howard Watts. “The Nevada Clean Energy Fund is helping our state get the most out of the largest investment in clean energy and pollution reduction in American history, and I’m committed to assist by advancing policies that ensure every community benefits from cost-saving investments in solar power.” 

“The Nevada Housing Division congratulates the Nevada Clean Energy Fund’s success in securing this vital funding, which represents a critical intersection of clean energy and housing affordability,” said Steve Aichroth, Administrator of the Nevada Housing Division. “This award will not only reduce energy costs for Nevada’s residents but also contribute significantly to the broader goal of making housing more affordable and sustainable. We look forward to further engagement with the Nevada Clean Energy Fund and the opportunities to expand renewable energies as we continue to develop affordable housing in Nevada.”   

“We are excited for this substantial investment in Nevada’s clean energy future,” said Marci Henson, Director of the Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability. “Clark County looks forward to partnering with NCEF to catalyze this funding into our communities and help our residents and businesses pursue impactful energy improvements.”  

“This extraordinary award will help low-income Nevadans benefit from accessible, affordable solar energy, while also creating good jobs for a diverse workforce,” said Nicole Bomer of Nevada GrantLab. “We’re grateful to have played a small role assisting Nevada Clean Energy Fund and its wide coalition of partners with their monumental win!” 

“Ensuring that historically underserved communities have equitable access to clean energy options that promote economic revitalization and energy savings is a promise to customers that NV Energy is committed to seeing through,” said Marie Steele, NV Energy Vice President of Integrated Energy Services and NCEF Advisory Council member. “Together, in partnership with Nevada Clean Energy Fund and this once in a lifetime federal funding, we are excited to provide additional funding to existing programs and the opportunity to create new ones. This award extends the many benefits of affordable, clean energy to thousands of low-income Nevadans—it’s the right thing for our customers and for a sustainable, clean energy future.” 

With the EPA award notification, NCEF will work with partners over the coming months to develop and implement the state’s Solar for All programs. NCEF remains dedicated to keeping stakeholders and the public informed and engaged as these initiatives progress. 

About the Nevada Clean Energy Fund (NCEF):  

NCEF is a nonprofit organization that supports a thriving, affordable, and accessible clean energy economy by providing financial and technical resources to Nevadans. NCEF was established by state legislation in 2017 as the state’s green bank.  

For media inquiries or more information about NCEF and its initiatives, please contact [email protected]