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You Can Have a Catalytic Impact on Nevada's Clean Energy Transition

You Can Have a Catalytic Impact on Nevada's Clean Energy Transition

Today, the most cost-competitive energy resources are clean: solar, wind, energy efficiency, and, increasingly, electric vehicles. This is why private investment in the US clean energy transition topped $100 billion last year. Investing in clean energy can yield significant economic, health, and climate benefits, yet large portions of the population lack access to capital and the technical know-how to make the investment. This is the gap the Nevada Clean Energy Fund (NCEF) seeks to fill by implementing proven solutions that have been successfully deployed for over a decade in other states.

Our vision is to blend government funds and charitable contributions to mobilize private capital to fill gaps in underserved markets and communities and scale our solutions to reach all Nevadans. Achieving long-term sustainability for our clean energy solutions is critical to ensuring Nevadans always have a reliable resource to turn to when their air conditioning unit fails amid record high temperatures, or a school district looks to electrify their bus fleet so that our children can breathe cleaner air. Partner with NCEF in providing critical access to low-cost capital for clean energy to residents, businesses, organizations, schools, and communities in Nevada.

Partner With Us

The Nevada Clean Energy Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and greatly appreciates charitable donations.

Philanthropists and investors can make impact investments to support clean energy projects in the form of low-interest loans, program-related investments (PRIs), or project investments.

We work with local lenders, large financial institutions, and private investors to make clean energy capital more accessible.