Clean Energy Funding Sources for Schools

Clean Energy Funding Sources for Schools

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US EPA Clean School Bus Program

The US Environmental Protection Agency's Clean School Bus Program provides rebates and grants for electric school buses. The FY22 rebate is for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Click below to learn more and visit this page for how the Nevada Clean Energy Fund can help.

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Nevada Clean Energy Fund

We provide unbiased and free technical assistance for clean energy projects, including scoping out potential projects, modeling project economics, assessing vendors, and identifying grant opportunities. We also provide low-cost capital to fill the gap where other sources of funding are insufficient.

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Federal Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act made clean energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle tax credits accessible to governments (including public schools) and nonprofit entities through "direct pay" with the IRS.

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US Department of Energy

The US Department of Energy has several buckets of funding available for clean energy, and is making $500 million available in grants for public schools to make energy efficiency, renewable energy, and alternative fueled vehicle upgrades and improvements.

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US Department of Agriculture

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has several buckets of funding available for clean energy and electrical infrastructure projects, including the Community Facilities Program and Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

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Nevada State Infrastructure Bank

The Nevada State Infrastructure Bank is a state government entity that provides low-cost financing to Nevada state agencies, local governments, Tribal governments, and non-profit organizations for priority infrastructure projects. It is currently accepting applications.